Best items to trade for with Villager librarians

Thu Jan 26. 2023

Best items to trade for with Villager librarians

Minecraft's Librarian Villagers are one of the most powerful mobs. They are one of the many professional villagers who naturally spawn in villages. They are a popular choice for many players because of their excellent trades.

There are 13 types of villager jobs, including librarians. Although not all of these occupations are available in every village, they are common.

They deal with all types of literature and books, so they can provide valuable books to players.

5) Protection Enchanted Book

Enchanted books are one of the most valuable trades a player can make with them. The protection enchantment increases the strength of any armor piece and is a great trade.

Although players have the option to use other enchantments in order to survive, protection is a vital enchantment.

4) Emeralds

It is possible to trade papers with them and get a lot of emeralds. To obtain emeralds, you can make paper from sugarcane plants and give it to librarians. You can also zombify the villager to obtain discounted prices and lots of emeralds.

3) Frost Walker Enchanted Book

Trades are required to obtain certain treasure enchantments, like Frost Walker. This enchantment allows players to walk on water, freezing the water to make it ice. This is a treasure enchantment so players should trade for the enchanted books.

2) Repairing the enchanted book

Mending is one of the most well-known treasure enchantments. This allows players to repair their armor or tools with XP points. The gear is unbreakable. This is a brilliant trade for players: the villagers exchange the treasure enchanted book for a few Emeralds.

1) Name tags

Rare items are not possible to craft and cannot be found in the wild. Name tags, for example, are one of these rare items.

Librarians of the master level are able to trade name tags with players for emeralds. Name tags can be difficult to find in chest loot so this is the best way for you to get the rare item.

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