Get best Enchants

Mon Jan 2. 2023

Get best Enchants

Players will want the best enchantments for their Minecraft items. You have a variety of enchantments to choose from that will improve your weapon.

When enchanting in Minecraft, players will first need to have experience levels. You can trade experience levels to enchant. To purchase enchantments, players will need to have experience. You can place enchantments on items by using either an anvil or an enchanting table. Four blocks of obsidian are used to create enchanting tables. Two diamonds and one book are also used.

Anvils are made using iron ingots, three blocks and four iron ingots. Anvils can only be enchanted using an enchanted book. Players must also have experience levels. Treasure chests and strongholds have enchanted books. Players can also trade with villager traders for them. You can also make one using an unenchanted book from an enchanting table.

To enchant with an enchanting table, players need lapis and to have the right experience. Caves and ravines are good places to find lapis. The enchanted table will reveal a list with three enchantments.

The enchantments may be lower if the player has just created the table. There is an option for players to increase their level to 30 (which would be the maximum).

How to make Minecraft enchantments stronger


Bookshelves are a great way to increase the strength of enchantments when using the Minecraft enchanting tables. Bookshelves increase the level and power of the enchantments at the table. Players should have as many bookshelves as possible to get the highest level of enchantment.

Place 15 bookshelves around the table in a 5-x5 arrangement. This will leave enough room for players to access the table through the doorway. The strength of the enchantments will increase if all 15 bookshelves have been placed around the table in a 5×5 manner.

How to place multiple enchantments onto an item

Anvils are required to place multiple enchantments onto an item in Minecraft. Players cannot enchant an item multiple times with enchanting tables, but they can use the anvil to do so.

The player can add another enchantment to an object by placing an enchanted books inside an anvil. You can do this with different books until you are happy with the enchantments.

You can combine the enchanted items of two players to create one item with both the Sharpness and Unbreaking enchantments. One example is a combination of a diamond blade enchanted by Sharpness and a diamond blade enchanted to Unbreaking. This will result in a single diamond sword with both Sharpness and Unbreaking.