Udnerwater torches in Minecraft ?

Tue Nov 15. 2022

Udnerwater torches in Minecraft ?

It is often difficult to see underwater in Minecraft without an activated conduit that provides night vision effects. There is an alternative way to make underwater torches. These are often difficult to find.

Submerged torches are a special Education Edition recipe. Regular Minecraft players will not be able to create them. Other light sources will be required to enable vision. Here's how you can enable Education Edition.

How to make underwater torches in Minecraft

Players will need Minecraft Education Edition installed on their computer or Bedrock to enable the “Education Edition”. You can activate the latter in the world settings.

Java Edition players can't do this without mods. So, Education Edition and Bedrock users have an advantage. People with Office 365 accounts can get Education Edition for free.

The game's chemistry features are now available to players. The game's chemistry update allows players to craft with elements.

Magnesium is required to make an underwater torch. It can be denoted with the numbers 12 and “Mg” letters. A torch is also required, which can be made with charcoal or coal and a stick.

Four torches can be created by combining them. Magnesium is an element, so it naturally occurs.

Once they are made, you can place the underwater torch on any block, on the top or side. They can break down falling blocks just like regular torch. They emit light levels of 14 which are the same as regular torches, but one less than the top source of light (a beacon). The highest underwater light source is the sea lantern, which emits light at 15 o'clock.