Uses for Pufferfish in Minecraft

Sat Nov 12. 2022

Uses for Pufferfish in Minecraft

Pufferfish are one the most funny-looking mobs in Minecraft. They aren't very useful. They can be useful at certain points in the game.

Pufferfish can be a problem for Minecraft players. They are usually kept in their chests for all eternity. Pufferfish can be used for many purposes, but it would shock you to learn how many uses they have.

What uses can pufferfish be in Minecraft?

#5 – Feeding the wolves

Bedrock Edition allows players to use leftover Pufferfish from their game to feed their wolf pups. The Pufferfish can be fed to a wolf to heal it. It will not affect the growth rates of baby wolves.

#4 – Fish in the bucket

Many people don't know that you can scoop a Pufferfish from a bucket. Pufferfish can spawn in groups of up to four in either warm or lukewarm ocean biomes.

The player can swim to a Pufferfish, then scoop it up into a bucket. The screen will display “Bucket of Pufferfish” after they catch the fish. The water source block will now include Pufferfish.

#3 – Cats

Many players will be happy to learn that giving their cat a Pufferfish makes them jump off their beds and chests.

Pufferfish also reduces the time required for baby cats mature into adulthood.

#2 – Trading

Villagers of master-level fisherman will trade emeralds to get Pufferfish.

One to four Pufferfish will be purchased by fishermen in Bedrock Edition. They will only be able to buy four Pufferfish in Java Edition.

#1 – Potion for Waterbreathing

This is the most popular use of Pufferfish within Minecraft.

The player can create a Potion for Waterbreathing by combining an Awkward Potions inside a Brewing Stand. This Potion is valuable if the player wants to raid an Ocean Monument, or build an underwater base for Minecraft.