What buildings to start with in Minecraft survival

Sun Nov 6. 2022

What buildings to start with in Minecraft survival

Minecraft's almost endless world attracts many players. Minecraft, the sandbox, offers a vast and unimaginable canvas for players to express their creativity while still surviving all its dangers.

Survival is the most played game mode in Minecraft. A survival world is a place where players have no resources and start from scratch. Because it is a new world, players don't have any armor or shields to protect themselves.

Players have many priorities and goals when they play in a new world. This article lists five things that Minecrafters should do in a new survival realm.

5) A dedicated mine

Players will do a lot mining in their initial days. This is because it is the only way they can get ores in Minecraft. Players will be able to quickly get to the bottom their worlds by creating a dedicated mine.

Only the lowest Y levels are suitable for valuable ores such as gold and diamonds. Players can reduce their hunger by using stairs or slabs while they go into the mines.

4) Iron farm

Iron farms aren't a necessity in a new world. Players can build iron farms if they are close to a village. Iron golem is spawned to protect villagers when they are afraid. These mechanisms can be used by players to create an iron farm.

You don't have to worry about getting a zombie captured. Iron farms can be built by players without the use of zombies. Although villagers can naturally spawn iron golem, the farm will still be slow.

3) Hobbit hole

A Minecraft rule that is unspoken is to build a starter base. One of the most popular base designs is the Hobbit hole. You can make a base by digging a hole in the side of a mountain or hill. You will need a starter base to store your storage chests, furnaces and other necessities.

2) A traditional crop-farm

It's not all about creating efficient farms in Minecraft, especially when you have limited resources. A good idea to create a traditional crop farm in a new survival environment.

A hoe can be used by players to plough the dirt near water, and then to plant the seeds. Players can harvest the crops and make them into food. A crop farm can also be used to breed animals.

1) A barn

Once you have established a stable supply of crops, players will be able to invest your resources in building an animal farm or barn. The best animal to farm in Minecraft is the cow. You can turn their leather and beef into steaks by cooking.

Players will not have any resources in a new world but they will be able to gain many items and blocks with their time. Players can then build many things in Minecraft.