What to avoid when youre taming mobs in Minecraft

Sun Oct 30. 2022

What to avoid when youre taming mobs in Minecraft

Minecraft players love to tame mobs. They get pets and help, but they also have the option to make their own. They can bring items from cats, while wolves fight mobs for them. Foxes can also protect them. Although it can be difficult to tame mobs, it is one of most rewarding aspects of the game.

Taming mobs with cats and wolves is easy. There are some things you should avoid while doing this.

3) Run out of products

This is especially true for wolves. It's impossible to predict how many bones they will require to be tamed. Some wolves can be controlled with just one bone. Others will consume all the bones Minecraft players have, but they will not be controlled.

It is important to have plenty of items, be they bones, fish, or sweetberries. It might be too many but it will not be too few.

2) Waiting for cats come to the players

Cats are more difficult than wolves to control. Cats will run from you and won't stay still. Even when Minecraft players hold fish, they are only tentatively interested.

Many Minecraft players try to lure cats with fish and then spam-feed them. But that's hard and often leads to them running away. Cats don't run fast so you can chase them with the fish and then spam feed them. This is usually much more effective than waiting patiently.

1) Traveling long distances over water

It's easy for players to forget they will follow you wherever you are, even if they are sitting down. This is particularly important for cats as most villages require some travel.

It's difficult for players to swim across oceans, and it's even harder for their cats to keep up with them. However, they can ride in boats which are safe and efficient for returning home.